Your topic must involve man and his influences otherwise you may have selected a science topic. Writing about arctic wolves and their habitat would not be a social studies topic. You could write about the influences that man has on the changing habitats of arctic wolves making it hard for these animals to find a safe place to live.

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What Makes a Good Research Questionfrom the from the Writing Studio at Duke University.
Identifying a topic from The Writer's Handbook brought to you by the University of Wisconsin.
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Disciplines and suggested topics:
There are seven categories, or major disciplines within social studies
Your project must fit into one of the following seven categories.

Anthropology: Culture developed by people living and thinking togetherThis deals with the studies of man's physical and cultural characteristics, distribution, customs, and social relationships.
You might chose a topic related to the following: ancient civilizations, Native Americans, customs, festivals, types of shelter and food, religion, etc
Sample ideas:
1. How they dress? Changing rights and responsibilities of muslim women.
2. Who Are the Aborigine of Australia and How Has Their Culture Survived?
3. Who Were the Earliest Citizens of Louisiana?

Economics: Wants and needs satisfied by people’s labors.This deals with the production, distribution, and consumption of wealth and with the various related problems of labor, finance, and taxation. You might chose a topic related to the following: money, manufacturing, trade, transportation of goods and services, communication, inflation, stock exchange, Common Market, government budgets, etc.Sample ideas:
1.How does advertising affect the spending habits of students at PFTSTA?
2. How does a country finance a war?
3. What will the USA do when the oil runs out?

Geography: People and nature interact. This deals with the surface of the earth, its divisions, and the climate, plants, animals, natural resources, inhabitants, and industries of those divisions. Your research must reflect how man and nature interact, otherwise you are writing a science paper. You might chose a topic related to the following: ecology, foreign countries, lands and people, maps, flooding, rivers, lakes, cities, conservation, etc.
Sample ideas:
1. Who are the Palestinians?
2. What happens to a town when the major business or factory closes.
3. What does drought mean to a region that is mostly agriculture?

History: The continuous narrative of human progressThis concerns what has happened in the life or development of a people, country, or individual. You might chose a topic related to the following: story of mankind, historical events, places, biographies, personalities, wars, etc.
Sample ideas:
1.The Louisiana flag: How did It evolve?
2. How did Jackie Robinson change baseball?
3. Was the U.S. Involvement in Vietnam worth it?

Political Science: Group living regulated by social control. This concerns the determining of the form of government, choosing the officials, making the laws, and performing the function of one's government.
You might chose a topic related to the following: government agencies, FBI, crime, US
Constitution, court system, international governments, etc.
Sample ideas:
1. Has the rise in voter apathy affected election results?
2. What was Bloody Sunday? How did it impact the Civil Rights movement?
3. What Is the electoral college and how does it work?

Sociology: People living in groups
his deals with the studies of the beliefs, values, and relationships of groups and the principles governing social acceptance.
You might chose a topic related to the following: Families, crime, mental health, propaganda, lifestyles, dreams, television, media, etc.
Sample ideas:
1. The right to die: Whose choice is it?
2. How does divorce affect children?
3. I am hungry: Where can I go to get help?