Where can you go to find good information?

You want sources that are accurate and reliable.

Start with books from the PFTSTA library. Open the library OPAC and click the Catalog tab to find books.
Look for books in the Jefferson Public Library. Open the JPL OPAC.

There are many PFTSTA databases here available for you to use to find quality information.
Get the user name and passwords from Ms. Kahn in the library.

You can find more databases through the Jefferson Public Library. JPL and LA databases.
To access these databases, you need your JPL card number.

There are also free sites that might be useful for social studies:
Jurn is an academic search engine that indexes over 4000 ejournals in the arts and humanities
Have you selected a current controversial topic? If so try Procon.org to get both sides of the issue.
American Heritagemagazine has articles covering all eras of American history.
Search Time Magazinefrom 1923 to the present day. See Ms. Kahn for user name and password.
Search American newspapers at the Library of Congress from 1836-1922.
If you selected a topic related to World War II, find lists of research starters at the WWII Museum.
Find primary sources through the Library of Congress.
Find more primary sources through the National Archives Digital Vault.
Find photos from Library Congress on Flicker.
World history at your fingertips with HyperHistory Online.
6 Free Online Resources for Primary Source Documents from Edutopia
Have a topic that is Louisiana related? Try one of these free resources from the State Library of LA.
Louisiana Digital Media Archive to preserve and make accessible the historic Louisiana video contained within the collections of LPB and the State Archives.

High school students may use a search engine only after exhausting all library resources.
Webpath Express is a tool within the Library OPAC to help you find quality websites.
1. Go to the library OPAC
2. Select Catalog
3. Select WebPath Exoress in the menu on the left