High School Sample paper in MLA 8 format with parenthetical citations:

This rubric was created to use for MLA format and research:

MLA format must be used for the paper and citations for all students at PFTSTA.

All students grades 6th-12th will use MLA 8.
Find video tutorials that will help you cite your sources.
All research papers must have a works cited page (grades 8th-12) or bibliography (grades 6th-7th).
The school has a subscription to Noodle Tools. Create an account so that you can save all your sources.

You must create your citations in Noodle Tools.

In-text citations also called parenthetical citations are required for high school students

All information quoted, paraphrased or summarized must be properly cited.
Use the following tools to help you create parenthetical citations:
You may use Noodle Tools to help you format your in-text citations.
To see sample in-text citations visit OWL Purdue Online Writing Center here.

Students should have a variety of sources including electronic, print, non-fiction, reference, newspapers, magazines, etc.
Please follow MLA format for your bibliography. Students in 6th and 7th grade will include a bibliography in MLA 8 format.
If you are in high school, you should have a Works Cited page. Every resource that you list at end must be cited within the body of your paper.
If you need help with MLA 8, please open this guide.
See Ms. Kahn in the library for further assistance or email her here: ekahn@pftsta.jppss.k12.la.us.