English Language Arts/Social Studies Research PaperStudents in middle school will receive grades from both their English teacher and their social studies teacher for this paper.

Middle School only:
All students in grades 6th-8th will work with both their English teacher and social studies teacher to complete a research paper.
6th grade: Each student will select a person from history and write about what made this person a great leader in their field.
Pathfinder for 6th graders:
7th grade: Each student will select an event from the Civil Rights Movement that changed the course of history.
Pathfinder for **7th graders**
8th grade: Each student will select a topic related to the Renaissance period and develop a driving question.

All 8th grade students need to complete the approval form below:

Social Studies Research Paper
High School only:
To receive honors' credit for any social studies class, students must complete a social studies research paper during the semester in which they are enrolled in the course.
Students will receive directions about due dates and selecting a topic from their social studies teacher.
Resources in this wiki are for students to use to help conduct quality research and write a well-organized paper.